thursday watercolors…

Finally! a friend of mine just hooked me up with a long pose group… You might not be able to tell, since I didn’t spend much more time on these – but I enjoy the chance to do more versions of each setup…

3 thoughts on “thursday watercolors…

  1. Marc, these watercolors are really wonderful. I like how you used mass and line to convey form.

    Will you be at the English workshop in Pueblo/Art in the Aspens?

  2. Hey Susan! Thanks,,,unfortunately, I won’t be able to make Aspen this time – just getting into the new job here…too bad! I’d like to see who shows up from the last group! Send me pics of what you guys get done :)


  3. Hi, found your work on flickr. , so i was curious to see your other works of Art, like those 4 aquarels very very much, espec. the upper left one, in fact like them all !!! naaa, second toughts, the upper right one, well…….greetz, An(Belgium)

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