Sin·u·ous: characterized by a series of graceful curving motions….
(Also contains the word sin. Probably not a co-incidence).

These sketches are, of course, done from
google pics of Rachel Brice – thx to the photographers :)

8 thoughts on “sin·u·ous

  1. thx! :)
    These are from pics off the web, (I just grabbed the stills for something to draw at our sketchgroup) – but it would be a shame not to inject a sense of motion! – you should see this woman move – those distortions are real :)

  2. Hey Luxxx – nothing special for technique – this is just roller ball pen and paper, with a brush pen for the dark spots….the real “trick” is, I draw every day, and work from the model every week….it’s a matter of developing an instinct…developing your memory and observation…


  3. You should go see her dance for reals, she is all that and a bucket of ice cream. Here’s another good show coming up; Rachel’s not part of it, but the gorgeous Frederique is (as well as many other awesome dancers I have had the pleasure of dancing or studying with) and it’s going to be off the hook: Next weekend: go, go!

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