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drawing the veil…

August 23, 2007

I guess Islam is on our mind a lot right now, for whatever reason I found myself sketching these at the bar tonight – I’m sure my sketches don’t do a single thing to improve the middle-east situation, quite the opposite probably. Looking at them now, they’re guilty of the same thinking that created the 19th century fad for ‘orientalism‘…

I was going to comment how it’s pretty rude what you’ll find if you go image search for ‘burka’…(various questionable burka-porn pops up right away (well, it does if you’ve disabled safe search as I do…) – but a quick followup search on ‘crucifixion’ reminds me that the interweb is at least fair minded about offending everyone equally….

recommended reading: Babylon by Bus: Or, the true story of two friends who gave up their valuable franchise selling YANKEES SUCK T-shirts at Fenway to find meaning and adventure in Iraq”.

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